Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When Did I Become the Older Woman in the Office?

Last day I worked in an office was March 12, 2004. Approximately 20 people were employed in the office and I was about the mean age of the group. Our office always had several sharp, older women as secretaries and administrative assistants and several older, upper management men while I was employed there. We also had a slew of younger people in the accounting department and in the field positions. I felt I had room to grow and the ‘ceiling’ could be inched upward as my work deemed necessary. Age never seemed to be a factor.

Jump ahead 4.5 years and now I’m OLD? How did this happen so quickly? A few months ago, I was attending a dinner party and we were discussing several projects this one man’s company was pursuing and how he was looking for an experienced project manager to handle their new project. He said that one guy he was considering had all the experience he was looking for, but that he didn’t think he wanted to invest in someone who was 50 years… too OLD! That comment starting me to think about my own career and how I will be perceived by my future employer.

Suddenly I am insecure. I start thinking about how I am a little overweight, have many wrinkles on my face and whether I should “get those taken care of” before I start interviewing for jobs! Wow. What about my qualifications and my skill set? Did I forget about these and will they really matter to the interviewer?

Secretly I worry about this in my private conversations.


Jenny said...

I don't think that it shold really matter what you look like and how old you are. I mean if you're like 70 that's one thing but 50! You're still young. I think it would be easy to get a job because you could just get a job that people couldn't see you haha. So maybe not a model... but if you're on the phone with someone they don't know how old you are and what you look like... so it shouldn't matter!!! I'm sure many people will want you to work for them!!

Julie!! said...

I am 54... and I decided to go back to work a couple of years ago and I didn't have any trouble getting a job. Don't worry!!