Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happiness Rules at Ballet Arizona!

WHAT: Don Quixote
WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 10, 7PM
     Friday, Feb. 11, 8PM
     Saturday, Feb. 12, 2 pm and 8 pm
     Sunday, Feb. 13, 2 pm

Ballet Arizona’s first offering of the New Year Don Quixote, may just be the perfect ballet for everyone—even people who don’t know anything about ballet. Perfect for Valentine’s weekend is the story of a retired gentleman who spins into the realm of fantasy after reading too many tales of chivalry. Convinced he is a knight, Don Quixote, along with his sidekick Sancho Panza, embarks on a journey of adventure that also includes a love story. The object of Don Quixote’s affection is a young woman named Kitri, who is in love with a poor barber. But Kitri’s father wishes her to marry a nobleman named Gamache. And so a lover’s quadrangle is formed…

Ballet Arizona’s production of Don Quixote is upbeat, delightful, and full of passionate dancing. Here is a love story without an accompanying tragedy. No curses, spells or dying swans. The ballet puts aside the satire and darker social commentary to make room for good-natured fun and energetic dancing. From the bravura dancing of the fiery matadors to the colorful caravan of gypsies, the stage explodes with one show-stopping dance after another.

Don Quixote is accompanied by The Phoenix Symphony playing the score by Ludwig Minkus. The music is lively and full of expressive melodies perfect for this festive romantic comedy and Valentine treat of a Ballet!

Tickets are available for $17 - $121. Discounts are offered for seniors, students, children and groups. Call (602) 381-1096 or online at www.ticketmaster.com/baz

Members and corporate partners of the Arizona 5 Arts Circle will be attending this wonderful performance and loving every minute of it!
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