Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New and Exciting Direction for the Private Conversations Blog

Taken from public performance. Jan, 13th 2007 ...Image via WikipediaStarting next week, the Private Conversations blog is taking a new and interesting direction......

First, imagine that you love symphony music and wonder what it would be like for the conductor five minutes before he/she takes the stage for a performance.  Next thing you know, you are standing in a hidden corner of a symphony hall and you just happen to overhear the Maestro talking to a friend as he's walking up to the stage.......and you can hear every word!

Well, that's exactly what we plan to have happen on this site.  Interesting people talking about interesting topics that you would not necessarily get to hear....unless you were eavesdropping on them!  Guests from all walks of life will share some of their private conversations on the subjects that are near and dear to their hearts.

Hope you like it!
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Empty Nest Mom said...

That sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

Gina said...

Hi thank you for stopping by my blog they are saying 7-10" more coming in tomorrow. I am following you now.

hugs n blessings