Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parents' Weekend is Here

Tomorrow morning, Bill and me head to Oxford, Ohio to see my middle son for parent's weekend at Miami University. The school gets a huge turnout of parents and grandparents and siblings. This is his senior year so it's probably the second to the last time we go to Ohio, maybe in our lifetime. The traditions are strong at this school and I look forward to seeing his friends parents who we have come to know and really enjoy.

More than anything, I just want to hug Jonathan and see in his eyes that he is doing well and is happy. It is really hard to know just how they're doing by phone and emails.

So, until Monday morning, I'll be off enjoying nice, cool Fall weather and relaxing with my son, my husband and his friends. Couldn't ask for anything more!


raf said...

so sweet, i wish one day i will have an awesome son to hug too! i was stayed away from home at school for a period of last year too, and my mom freaked out in the beginning hehe but she got used to it =)

June said...

I bet Jonathan will be thrilled to see you all. Hope you got to have some "fall" weather!