Friday, November 7, 2008

Semi-Annual Boob Torture Coming Up

It's about time to head over to get the boobs tortured and smashed and tested for the dreaded breast cancer. Since it runs in my family, they want me to come for this pleasurable experience every six (6) months.

I just joined a group called moms in a blog which reminded me I need to make this semi-annual mammogram appointment. I know I need to go and insurance pays for most of the costs but I still get very nervous about going and getting this done.

Last time I went, they asked me to come back and get re-tested as they "saw" something even though I didn't feel anything. Then they did a needle aspiration which wasn't cool either. This 12-year old doctor came in who looks like maybe he just stepped off the tennis court, carrying this big but thin needle and tells me he's going to stick it into my right breast. I thought to myself, "okay, but then I get to stick a thin, long needle into your cock!" Not exactly my idea of foreplay.

Herein lies the problem. As I am driving to these appointments, I ask the "what if" question. What if this time, cancer has entered my body. How will it change my life? Will I die and never get to see my children's weddings and their babies? Who will Bill get remarried to? (Hate that one!). Then I arrive at the office and all my thoughts turn to the other people sitting in the waiting room. Are they okay? Do they have breast cancer and are their lives being affected? It's really quite a miserable way to spend an afternoon. Twice a year.

Well, I have to go because all the research supports that early detection of this deadly disease saves so many lives. But I don't have to like it.


June said...

We need to develop a new machine!

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